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                      Feature Films

Lost Lake

Starring Playboy centerfold Angel Boris, Lost Lake is the story of a young woman's life-changing adventure at a remote ski lodge in the High Sierras. With its fascinating characters and compelling story, Lost Lake is a captivating journey into the light and shadows of the human heart.

Treasure N Tha Hood

Greg Carter's Treasure N Tha Hood is the latest Urban Entertainment film completed for DVD at the Ranch.

So Fresh, So Clean

Scribble Dibble Productions and producers Al Attles and Lila Polite teamed up to create the feature So Fresh, So Clean at the Ranch. The urban comedy takes us on a wild ride through the day-in-the-hood madcap adventures at Tidey Whitey Cleaners.

Super Spy

Comedian AJ Jamal is the star of the wild and crazy adventure Super Spy, from Los Angeles-based Urban Entertainment. The film is a contemporary take-off on the James Bond genre, but turns wild when the story is intercepted by a real world crime intrigue.

Park Day

Hill Harper stars in the dramatic Park Day, from Urban Entertainment and producer Sterling Macer. Distribution by Lightyear Entertainment.

God, Sex and Apple Pie

It's The Big Chill for a new generation in the award-winning film, God, Sex and Apple Pie by Los Angeles Independent producer Jerome Courshon. A remote lakeside cabin is the location for the reunion of a group of cool dudes, hip chicks and one nerd. Things aren't so cool under the surface, however.

Turn of Faith

Charles Durning, Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini, Costas Mandylor, Mia Sara, and Tony Sirico star in the Warner Home Video / Lightyear Entertainment action/drama Turn of Faith.

The Gristle

Michael Dorn (Warf of Star Trek) stars in this urban who-done-it where some small-time crooks mix up each other's scams. Fueling the turf wars are money, drugs, and ethnic slurs. But The Gristle has a deeper message about racial stereotypes that can't be ignored.

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