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A Filmmaking Production Studio that Makes a Difference…

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Climate Change & Coral Reefs
Lobitos Creek Ranch is a full-service content development studio located in the coastal hills south of San Francisco, California. Our work with independent filmmakers includes shooting and editing documentaries for Public Television and worldwide distribution. We specialize in cause-related campaigns, and marketing communications for non-profits and corporations.

We offer a wide variety of services for video and digital media
production and post-production, including: development, co-production, on-line editing, color grading, animation, DVD authoring, website creation and e-commerce solutions.

        The Master of LightOur sister companies, The Video Project for educational distribution and Specialty Studios for broadcast and consumer markets, help filmmakers reach targeted audiences with stories that can change the world.

Coming soon, many of our projects will begin appearing on Video Project Digital--a new streaming service. For content providers, the anywhere-any-device service will redefine streaming by linking a diverse range of content with a documentary, including special feature clips, e-books, photos and links.

RFK in the Land of ApartheidThe production & post-production facilities and professional team at Lobitos Creek Ranch help make your production experience the best it can be.

What Producers Say about Lobitos Creek Ranch

"Lobitos Creek Ranch is the soul of independent documentary
production in Northern California, with a business model that has proven invaluable to cause-related filmmakers worldwide.

           Rockin' the WallTheir unique combination of development, production and distribution expertise, along with the most advanced post-production facilities, makes "The Ranch" the single source for taking a project from an idea to a finished film, then bringing that film out to the world strategically so that producers can move the mountains they want to move with their projects."

-Elizabeth Horn, Producer/Director, In Our Own Hands,
A Documentary about the Quantified Self Movement

            Scarred Lands &
            Wounded Lives
Working with Steve Michelson at Lobitos Creek Ranch, I found that Steve combines superb technical knowledge of all aspects of film production with business acumen and wisdom about collaborative relationships between filmmakers. Steve has been the Executive Producer of several documentaries I have worked on, including River of Renewal.

-Stephen Most, Producer/Writer, River of Renewal

    White Water, Black Gold"Making movies comes naturally at the Ranch. I've worked on
Oil on Ice and Power Paths there and have two films currently: Walking in Two Worlds and Accidental Activists--it's a director's dream setting for production or editing.

And you can ride the horses!"

-Bo Boudart, Producer, Bo Boudart Productions

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