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Concert for a Landmine-Free World

Music For A Cause. Six Grammy Award winners singing together on-stage. Led by Bobby Muller's Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, we have chronicled the extraordinary efforts of artists Emmylou Harris, Nanci Griffith, Bruce Cockburn, Steve Earle, Mary Chapin Carpenter and John Prine as they sing out to change the world. 

We traveled to Cambodia with Mary Chapin Carpenter to meet the people most affected by landmines. Experts estimate that nearly 10 million mines remain in the ground in Cambodia, a country of 8 million people.The concert brings attention to the Campaign for a Landmine-Free World. Every twenty minutes another individual somewhere in the world is maimed or killed by a landmine.

The Good War

Millions of Americans fought for the liberation of Europe from Hitler's fascist grip during World War II, yet 40,000 Americans refused to shoulder weapons in "the good war" because their conscience would not allow them to kill another human being.

In the face of criticism and scorn, these men challenged the limits of democracy in wartime. Many participated in the social movements that transformed America in the years that followed. This is their story, as told by filmmakers Judith Ehrlich and Rick Tejada-Flores. To view a clip, click here.

Life with Principle: Thoreau's Voice in Our Time

Life with Principle: Thoreau's Voice in Our Time, a film by Melvyn Hopper, is a presentation developed in cooperation with the Thoreau Society. The centerpiece film is a forthright examination of the life and philosophical legacy of Henry David Thoreau, and its resonance for today on individuality and personal choice.

Noted minds such as Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky insightfully revisit the Thoreau message in a modern context, invoking both personal reflection and passionate discussion. Each chapter contains a short introduction about Thoreau's ideas paired with contemporary interviews to spur discussion about the significance of those ideas to our own lives and choices. To view a trailer, click here.

RFK in the Land of Apartheid

Using never before seen archival footage, and interviews in South Africa and the United States, filmmakers Larry Shore and Tami Gold tell the unknown story of Robert Kennedy's 1966 visit to South Africa during the worst years of Apartheid. The film evokes the connections between the American Civil Rights Movement and the Anti-Apartheid Movement in South Africa. The filmmakers find witness to this special moment in time through the sights and sounds of present-day South Africa.

RFK in the Land of Apartheid follows Senator Kennedy to the site of his famous "Ripple of Hope” speech at the University of Cape Town and his encounter with Afrikaans students at Stellenbosch, the pro-Apartheid university. A high point of the film is Kennedy's meeting with the banned President of the African National Congress and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Chief Albert Lutuli, living under house arrest in a remote rural area.

Rockin' the Wall

Rockin' the Wall is the compelling story of rock and roll's part in bringing down the Berlin Wall and smashing the Iron Curtain. Told from the perspective of rockers who played at the time, on both sides of the Wall, and from survivors of the Communist regimes who recalled the lifeline that rock music provided them, the film features new interviews and several original songs written exclusively for the film.

The message that emerges is that music is a force of liberation. Behind the Iron Curtain, where the mere act of expressing one's individuality constituted a potential act of revolution, music provided the key thread upon which the anti-Communist struggle gained ground. The film will become a permanent exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Tapestries of Hope

Tapestries of Hope is a vibrant international call to action to stop the rape and abuse of young women, and a breathtaking portrait of hope in the face of overwhelming odds. This feature-length documentary reveals the story of human rights activist Betty Makoni and the Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe, Africa. The documentary exposes the myth behind the belief that raping a virgin cures a man of HIV/AIDS. The film is co-written and diirected by award-winning filmmaker, Michealene Cristini Risley, co-written and produced by Susan Black, and also porduced by Christopher Bankston, Anand Chandrasekaran, and Ray Arthur Wang. 

The girls of Zimbabwe and Makoni were the main cast for this film.

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