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Climate Change and Coral Reefs: Comprehensive Classroom Resource

Climate change is pushing the world's coral reefs to the edge of extinction. The growing damage is an early warning of the danger climate change poses to the world's oceans and other ecosystems. These rich, sensitive ecosystems are vital to the survival of one quarter of all sea life and to the economies of many countries.

Created in collaboration with the Australian Curriculum Corporation, this DVD classroom resource is the ideal tool for teaching about the science of climate change, its impact on our oceans, and how coral reef ecosystems work. With its video modules and guide, Climate Change and Coral Reefs is designed to optimize student learning and engagement. The videos encourage student discussion, presentations and research to learn more about the issues involved and to discover possible solutions to this serious environmental challenge.

The video modules and guide are aligned with national science standards--scientific understanding, science as inquiry and science as a human endeavor.

Four 8-minute modules are hosted by Dr. Kiki Sanford. The modules featuring excerpts from a presentation by Prof. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg are:

"Introduction to Climate Change and Coral Reefs," "Coral Bleaching," "Ocean Acidification" and "The Future of Coral Reefs."

The full 28-minute presentation by Prof. Hoegh-Guldberg details his scientific findings about the impact of climate change on coral reefs--with charts, graphs and other visuals.

A Detailed Teacher's Guide

Featuring an innovative group discussion format (ClimateCafé), templates for team-based investigations and presentations, a glossary, Science magazine reprints, and a comprehensive list of other resources and links (on the DVD-ROM section).

Visual Resources for Student Presentations: video clips, animations and outer resources (in the DVD-ROM section).

All video segments are illustrated with footage from renowned underwater filmmaker David Hannan. The film was Co-produced by Plankton Productions and Specialty Studios in Association with Curriculum Corporation, The Learning Federation. Craig Malina and Steve Michelson were the Executive Producers. Post Production and animation work at the Ranch was done by Joshua Hardgrave using Maya and After Effects.

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