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Power Paths

Narrated by Peter Coyote

How can America truly end its dependence on fossil fuels and transition to green power? This film is an inspiring documentary about how Native American communities across the West are leading the transition to alternative energy sources. Ten percent of America's energy comes from Native American lands, including a third of the U.S. coal deposits and hydroelectric dams that feed the grid. These coal mines and plants brought jobs to the region, but also brought pollution, cancer and environmental destruction.

Power Paths, a film by Bo Boudart, chronicles the efforts of several tribes as they fight to end theharmful use of coal and work to bring clean, renewable energy projects into their communities,including wind and solar power. As Power Paths reveals, many Native American tribes are not waitingfor the government to act. Instead, they are actively seeking investors and a way to control their ownenergy and sell the rest to the power companies.

As the nation at large struggles to disengage itself from the chains of fossil-fuel-based economy, Power Paths signals cause for hope that an alternative is not somewhere in the future, but possible right now. The Executive Producer of Power Paths is Steve Michelson. On-line assembly and color correction at The Ranch were required prior to delivery to Independent Lens and PBS.

Special Features

This DVD includes:

Bonus interviews on how to move forward on renewable and sustainable energy sources, with national and local leaders.

Senator Harry Reid, U.S. Senate Majority Leader                                                                       Winona LaDuke, Native American Sustainable Values                                                                      Pat Spears, Wind Energy on Tribal Lands                                                                                        Prof. Dan Kammen, U.S. Leadership for a New Energy Policy

The Citizen Action Guide on the DVD-ROM sector includes information on the full lifecycle of coal and its effects, from the mines to the power plants to use fossil fuels in homes. The Guide also contains downloadable educational resources and materials to learn how to become engaged in efforts to promote alternative energy and reduce our own energy consumption.

Running Time: 56 minutes

Chapter Selection and Special Features 

Gr. 9-Adult Closed Captioned 

A film by Bo Boudart


"Power Paths is a powerful and revealing documentary that addresses balance between conservation and preservation at a level that effects Native Americans...but has larger-reaching implications on us all. It's a must see."                                                                                                    -Ed Foreman, Trail Dance Film Festival

Nominated Best Documentary - American Indian Film Festival 

Official Selection - Wild and Scenic Film Festival 

Official Selection - Sonoma Environmental Festival

Broadcast Nationally on PBS Independent Lens Series

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