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                                       Production Services
Production at the Ranch

One of the things we have learned over many years is how important it is to manage all the aspects of filmmaking; we try to provide as much under our roof as makes sense on any project. From concept to delivery our team at the Ranch, together with our expanded universe of production and distribution professionals, brings value to any project. When you look at our many successes, you will see that your project won't be our first rodeo.

Sony SLT-A77 24.3 MP DSLR

For the documentary-style production that we do at the Ranch, our camera department is equipped with an array of new gear for single and multi-cam shooting in 24P. We use large imager APS CMOS sensors to capture the short depth-of-field film look. The 24.3MP Sony A77 is our DSLR choice. It has the same size imager as the Canon 5D, but has a number of features that we prefer, including a rotating 3-Megapixel OLED viewfinder that we find essential to get interesting angles. What the A77 gives us in DSLR flexibility we match with the Sony NEX-EA50UH camera, which is the first large imager video-centric camera with an 18-200 zoom lens. We find this essential for interviews and other scenes where an electronic zoom is required. This camera also has XLR inputs, and uses the same interchangeable lenses as the A77 DSLR. The two cameras together on a shoot represent the best of both worlds for us and our producers.

Mackie Mixer

We have an array of wireless and shotgun microphones from Lectrosonics, Sennheiser and Sony, and we can record either direct to camera, double-system or both. We bring back all the sound recording elements and sync those to picture. We find that having multiple tracks is essential to the final mix.

                                                                                                                  Lighting and Grip

Our lighting department, headed by Donovan Gates, is both old-fashioned and cutting-edge at the same time. We think like old time filmmakers, which we are, yet are always willing to learn new tricks that allow us to better practice our craft. LED lights figure high on that list these days as they are dimmable, battery-operated, and we can adjust the color temperature from daylight to tungsten without needing gels. Our camera support equipment includes sliders, jibs and steady cams so we can create imagery that moves without all the fanfare that we used to require. All the old-fashioned gear including tripods, C-Stands, flags, sand bags, stingers and rolling carts are also part of every shoot, and having them all in house allows us to roll on a moment's notice.

                                                                                 Post-Production and Other Services
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