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Anne Turley

Editor/Associate Producer

Anne Turley started her editing career at One Pass Film and Video in San Francisco. After a stint in Hollywood at Paramount Pictures, she has returned to the Bay Area to focus on documentary projects at the Ranch. She worked on an award-winning project called Rock the Boat, and is currently working as Editor and Associate Producer on Accidental Activist. The film is a Bo Boudart Production, in association with Lobitos Creek Ranch. Here is a link to the teaser Anne cut. Anne loves horses and enjoys riding on the Ranch trail system.

Billy Bates

Assistant Editor and Technician

Billy Bates is Assistant Camera and Editing Technician at Lobitos Creek Ranch. He has a background in sound engineering and has worked on a variety of Ranch projects since joining the Ranch team in 2011. From production through post- he supervises the flow of data and archiving, while working with editors to make sure they have what they need. Billy is a longtime Coastside resident, now living within walking distance of the Ranch. He recently was the editor on the video for the Curios' Last Ride on Devil's Slide.

Jaime Bennett


Someone has to take care of business around The Ranch, and that person is Jaime. She does account management for the Ranch and for our projects which includes payroll and budget reports. Jaime's experience with Quickbooks, Excel, on-line transfers, insurance and all things necessary to run a production provide our projects with a needed resource. Jaime lives on the Coastside, has four horses and helps out, when needed, with horses on The Ranch.

Karl Jesse

Sound and Music Engineer

Karl Jesse's many talents have made him an invaluable addition to the team at Lobitos Creek Ranch. His talents as a sound and music engineer have kept him busy both on location and back at the Ranch on the digital audio workstations. Karl is responsible for many of the photos of wildlife around the Ranch which can be viewed on the Studio Tour page.

Eric Simon

Assistant Editor

Currently working on a technical media degree in Dusseldorf, with a concentration in video, Eric is spending the spring of 2013 at the Ranch helping out however he can. For instance, Eric has been working on this website. Eric has a lot of experience writing and taking pictures. He likes technical work as well, and has been busy improving his understanding of Final Cut Pro. Eric has a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University, and a Masters in Education from University of San Francisco.

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