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                                          The Team

Steve Michelson

President & Executive Producer

Steve Michelson is the Executive Producer at Lobitos Creek Ranch. Steve has functioned as the Executive Producer on many award-winning documentary films including Climb Against the Odds (1998), Oil on Ice (2004), Crude Impact (2006), Burning the Future (2008), River of Renewal (2009), Power Paths (2009) and Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives (2010). In 2013, projects include In Our Own Hands, Walking in Two Worlds, Accidental Tourist and the Arctic Sound Project.

In 2006, Steve and partner Craig Malina founded Specialty Studios LLC to focus on the distribution of films about the environment, social justice and sustainability. Shortly after that, the company acquired The Video Project, a distributor of films to the educational market since 1983. The company represents about 320 films through its catalog and website and is based in San Francisco. During 2013, the Video Project will be launching its streaming platform, called the MediaHub, as part of a new division called Video Project Digital.

Steve was Co-founder and President of One Pass, San Francisco's largest production and post-production studio from 1975-85, before starting his own company in 1986. He is a recipient of the Gilbert Award for outstanding contribution to Northern California's film community. He has served four terms as a Governor with the National Academy for Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). Steve is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he attended The Annenberg School of Communications and the Wharton School of Business.

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