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Rockin' the Wall

Rockin' the Wall is the compelling story of rock and roll's part in bringing down the Berlin Wall and smashing the Iron Curtain. Told from the perspective of rockers who played at the time, on both sides of the Wall, and from survivors of the Communist regimes who recalled the lifeline that rock music provided them, Rockin' the Wall features new interviews and several original songs written exclusively for the film.

The message that emerges is that music is a force of liberation, and in a society like America's, where it is seldom--if ever--truly suppressed, music failed to ignite a social revolution. Behind the Iron Curtain, where the mere act of expressing one's individuality constituted a potential act of revolution, music provided the key thread upon which the anti-communist struggle gained ground. The film is now in distribution and coming soon to American and international television.

Well-known musicians featured in the film include Robby Krieger (The Doors), Mark Stein and Vinny Martell (Vanilla Fudge), Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot), David Paich (Toto), Jimmy Haslip (Yellow Jackets) and Mother's Finest--the group that played in East Berlin just weeks before the Wall came down.

"In 1961, when the Wall was built and division in that part of the world was so pronounced, rock and roll was emerging as a force of liberation worldwide, said Gabriele Hayes, board member of the Wende Museum. "This film poignantly illustrates how these two movements greatly opposed and influenced the other, providing an intimate glimpse into the despair, paradoxes and ultimately the humanity of this time in history. We are pleased to play a supportive role in the dissemination and communication of this important educational film.

Rockin' the Wall was directed, and co-produced with Schweikart, by Marc Leif. The public television broadcast of the film was made possible by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation and the ongoing distribution of the film is being handled by Specialty Studios.

Post production and color correction at the Ranch prepared the film for Public Television. Billy Bates handled the editing. Rebecca Holland designed a poster for the project.


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