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Sounds of the Northern Wild: The Arctic Soundscape Project

In 2006, Bernie Krause led a team of nature sound recordists to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. There they captured the song of the waters, the music of the hills, the calls and cries of wildlife. Sounds of the Northern Wild is a half-hour documentary film about the Arctic Soundscape Project. It is also an introduction to the appreciation and recording of nature sounds for educational, scientific, and esthetic purposes. It will open viewers' eyes to what their ears have missed.

Civilization has a nature deficit disorder. Listening to natural sounds is an antidote.

Sounds of the Northern Wild is written and produced by Stephen Most. Bob Hillman is Director and Steve Michelson is Executive Producer


In Our Own Hands

The Quantified Self Movement opens with an urgent question posed by desperate patients and their families: can new technologies help us treat and prevent the most alarming and yet perhaps understated health threat that we face? The host of autoimmune and neuro-degenerative diseases now affecting over 70 million Americans, and costing countless billions of healthcare dollars.

Through the stories of the impassioned, often defiant struggles of the film's central characters—all with complex, unresolved medical issues— we explore the emergence of "participatory medicine”, enabled by a host of groundbreaking devices that put more data about our own biological, behavioral and environmental ecosystems into our hands (and often onto our phones) than ever before possible.

In Our Own Hands, Produced and Directed by Elizabeth Horn, shows viewers the birth of this "Citizen Science” movement, and introduces us to a few of the courageous, imaginative individuals who are ushering us into a new age of Digital Medicine. This film will change the way you think about illness and medicine's role in keeping us well. One of those heroes is Sean Ahrens. He has had Crohn's disease since he was 12. At 23, he is changing the world of how people with the disease can respond. 

Steve Michelson is Executive Producer and at the Ranch. Emile Bokaer is the DP, Donovan Gates gaffer, Karl Jesse is sound recordist and Billy Bates is Tech.

Walking in Two Worlds

The Tongass National Forest includes more than 17 million acres in Southeast Alaska. It is the largest remaining temperate rainforest on Earth. This immense wilderness is the homeland of the Haida, Tsimshian and Tlingit people. In 1971, President Richard M. Nixon signed the Alaska Native Claims Settlement (ANSCA) into law. Under ANCSA, twelve Alaska Native regional corporations and more than two hundred local village corporations were created. These corporations received title to 44 million acres of land, as well as one billion dollars. ANCSA remains the largest Native American land claims settlement in U.S. history.

This film, directed and produced by Bo Boudart, explores the consequences of Federal law that allows the owners to use the land in whatever way they see fit, without regard to the effects of the use on surrounding lands and ecosystems. Susan Utell is Editor, Bonnie Day writer and Steve Michelson is Executive Producer. Final assembly will be done at the Ranch. 

Accidental Activist

Dr. Riki Ott is a force of nature. A marine toxicologist from Alaska, she literally predicted the Exxon-Valdez spill. Her efforts to deliver scientific evidence of the long-term effects of an oil spill are now legend. But beyond her clear communications is the compassion she has for the communities affected by these tragic catastrophic events.

This production sampler tracks Dr. Ott in what is becoming an all too familiar scene from Alaska to the BP spill along the Gulf Coast and in Michigan, where the Enbridge spill in the Kalamazoo River has resulted in loss of lives. We show the alarming pattern of human and environmental impacts that oil spills continue to have upon Americans, long after these spills leave the headlines.

Through her speaking and web efforts, Dr. Ott has been successful changing laws and public policy for the future well-being of our country. Accidental Activist is a Bo Boudart/Lobitos Creek Ranch Production. Bo Boudart is Producer and Director, Anne Turley is Editor and Associate Producer and Steve Michelson is Executive Producer.

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