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Tunitas Sunrise
by Rebecca Holland

 Lobitos Creek Ranch is located six  miles south of downtown Half Moon  Bay, on the Ocean side of the  Coastal Range. We are practically in  the geographic center of the Bay  Area--about an hour from San  Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.  We are forty-five minutes from Santa  Cruz.

 Spread over seventy acres, the  Ranch combines its cause-related  media services with a rustic and  comfortable atmosphere that  inspires and motivates producers.  We are home to Holland Studios   and the art work of Rebecca  Holland.

 Along with our neighbors, we have  established over 400 acres of hiking  and riding trails that are available to  anyone working at the Ranch. It's  not  uncommon that a typical  production day starts in an editing  room, and ends up on our trails  overlooking the Pacific Ocean at  sunset. For riders, we have trail-  ready horses than can show you  around. The area is also teeming with all kinds of animals.

Our workstations and editing rooms surround our viewing decks and commissary, helping any project achieve the vision of its creators. And our focus on cause-related films about social justice, health, and the environment has us not just talking the talk. We try to walk the walk as well. Here are some examples:

1) We both grow our own food and are members of our local CSA (community-supported agriculture), Potrero Nuevo Farm. The food you eat here will be grown locally.

2) With two wells, a pond and our own Roof Catchment system we have the ability to store over 20,000 gallons of water.

3) Our broadband microwave link is powered by a solar installation on a neighboring mountain, and our own secure .ftp sites allow us to move files to anyone at any time. We have WiFi thoughout the Ranch.

4) In 2013, we'll be installing a 9.5KW solar array which will provide 80% of the Ranch's energy needs.

Broadband Microwave Link

                                                                                                               Additional Studio and Ranch Photos

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