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                       Climate Change and Coral Reefs:                                                  Comprehensive Classroom Resource

Climate change is pushing the world's coral reefs to the edge of extinction. The growing damage is an early warning of the danger climate change poses to the world's oceans and other ecosystems. These rich, sensitive ecosystems are vital to the survival of one quarter of all sea life and to the economies of many countries. Created in collaboration with the Australian Curriculum Corporation, this DVD classroom resource is the ideal tool for teaching about the science of climate change, its impact on our oceans, and how coral reef ecosystems work. With its video modules and guide, Climate Change and Coral Reefs is designed to optimize student learning and engagement. 

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature, Volume 1, profiles the inspirational grassroots work of twelve young people recognized with the nation's top youth environmental prize--the Brower Youth Awards. Named after famed environmentalist David Brower, the awards recognize people ages 13 to 22 in North America who have shown outstanding leadership on a project or campaign with positive environmental and social impact. 

Forces of Nature, Volume 2, is a beautiful examination of service work. Teachers who promote service learning and community engagement will find this an inspirational tool in their classes. Featured are charismatic young heroes for planet Earth, whose stories, struggles and victories inspire people of all ages. To view a trailer, click here.

Lords of Nature

For centuries, humans have feared wolves, cougars and other top predators, driving them to the edge of extinction in our wildlands and prairies. But in recent years, scientists are learning that top predators play a vital role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, a critical reminder of the importance of preserving biodiversity. To view a trailer, click here.

Shot in high definition, Lords of Nature, from Green Fire Productions, presents the science behind the findings that the great carnivores are revitalizing forces of nature, and introduces us to people learning to live with the animals they once banished. The film follows biologists Bill Ripple and Bob Beschta, two leading pioneers in the quest to decipher the role of great predators in the web of life.

Mama Earth: Eco-Econ 101

With humor and compassion, Mama Earth, a film by Leslie Bloom & Brad Van Ee, provides an inspiring introduction to the concepts of environmental economics, sustainability and new paths to healthier communities and protecting natural resources, all while attaining a more profitable bottom line.

Employing concepts of sustainability, ecological economics, and natural capital, the film shows how conventional economics encourages exploitation of our natural resources, ignoring the value of critical goods and services like clean air and water, fertile soil, and other natural assets. To view a trailer, click here.

The Master of Light

The Master of Light is an award-winning documentary on the life and scientific career of Albert A. Michelson (1852-1931) whose experiments made significant contributions to our understanding of the fundamental properties of light.

The Master of Light takes the viewer through a period of scientific history when the spirit of invention and experimentation revealed new physical laws that no longer conformed to Newton's classical notions of the universe. Michelson himself triggered a chain of advances in physics which helped to unravel and unify opposing theories. His work laid the groundwork for Einstein's Theory of Relativity, as well as contemporary explorations of outer space and atomic energy.

Sound of the Soul

In a world increasingly polarized by religious conflicts and violence, Sound of the Soul, a film by Stephen Olsson and CEM Productions, is a timely and profound journey of understanding and hope. To view a trailer, click here.

The film presents a vivid portrait of Fez, Morocco, an historically open-minded and tolerant Arab city, with its annual Fez Festival of World Music. This unusual event invites Muslim, Christian and Jewish men and women from around the world to share their varied spiritual traditions through musical performances at the city's historic sites.

The Teakettle Experiment

Featuring both a documentary film and other educational resources, this interactive DVD produced by Janice Bowen provides a comprehensive introduction to forest management, scientific inquiry, ecosystem functions, species interdependence and more. To view a trailer, click here.

The film documents the Teakettle Experiment, a ten-year collaboration of forest managers and scientists from diverse disciplines that investigated the effects of prescribed fire and forest thinning on restoring forest health. With a multi-disciplinary team to study the relative effects of prescribed fire and thinning, the Teakettle Experiment collected invaluable information on the benefits and detriments of each option. The results are documented on this DVD, which also contains multiple videos, resources, reference materials, and instructional materials.

The Unnatural History of the Kakapo

Once thought extinct, the Kakapo are now the world's rarest and strangest wild parrot -- a flightless, nocturnal bird with an odd mating call. The world's last remaining Kakapo population in the world lives on a remote island and is plagued by a curse that could be their end.

The normally guarded conservation project that protects the bird has opened its doors to give filmmaker Scott Mouat unprecedented access to the Kakapo Recovery Program. In the style of an adventure movie, the film follows the efforts of a group of scientists and rangers who face difficult challenges in their pioneering effort to keep alive a highly endangered species with a very low number of surviving members. To view a trailer, click here.

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