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Logos, Branding, and Packaging

"Art comes from experience," says Ranch Art Director Rebecca Holland, and she is filled with plenty of it.

Lobitos Creek Ranch Art Director, Rebecca Holland, moved to California when she was three years old and she has been painting since seven. She settled on Kings Mountain and built her studio there in the 1960's. She was one of the founding artists in the now renowned Kings Mountain Art Fair.

Her work has touched the lives of thousands of people and samples of her fine artwork can be seen at rebeccaholland.com. Samples of her logo design work are below.

Lobitos Creek Ranch is proud to represent her extraordinary talent.


The Digital Design Group based in Santa Clara, CA, represents international video hardware and software companies from the Netherlands, the U.K. and also domestically in the U.S. Among the core technology for digital signal distribution that DDG represents is a unique inverse bus design that shares data.

The DDG logo is a reflection of this design.

The Sierra Nevada Outdoor Center in Coloma, CA is a destination lodge on the banks of the south fork of the American River. Our logo design for SNOC is an example of how we mix computer graphic design skills with classic fine-art technique.

Designed by our Art Director Rebecca Holland, the original free-hand logo is clean and simple. The fine-art version is used as a billboard at the lodge and was created in oil on canvas.


The Baum Foundation

The Baum Foundation wanted a logo that captured the spirit of "the tree of life" and yet also had a connection to the undersea world. Art Director Rebecca Holland derived the logo design from art and photographs. The image was hand-drawn as line art, before being scanned and converted to computer graphic.



Shining Mountain Herbs, located in Ridgeway, Colorado, is at the base of what native Americans used to call "snow-covered shining mountain". Their high-altitude organic herb products include echinacea, hawthorne, and bitters. Organic farmers Shelia and Tim Manzagol put a lot of love in everything they grow; it's better that way and their logo is a reflection of that spirit.

Designer Rebecca Holland created the logo with pen and ink and watercolor.

Click here for the website that Dan Newitt has developed for the Shining Mountain Herbs company.



The Buddy Rich Collector's Series

Dan Newitt and Christina Gray combined to create the new packaging for The Buddy Rich Collector's Series. This included the alpha case wrap for the two- disc collector's edition and a 16-page booklet of rare Buddy Rich photos.

The retro-look jewel case packaging for No Funny Hats is a throwback to 1978... when the unpublished concert was performed by Buddy and his legendary band, The Killer Force.

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