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Climb Against the Odds

Twelve women, five of them survivors of breast cancer, embarked on an extraordinary expedition up Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America. This inspiring documentary captures that 1998 journey of courage and the amazing women behind it. Narrated by Olympia Dukakis, this feature includes music by Mary Chapin Carpenter, Paula Cole, The Indigo Girls, k.d. lang, Sweet Honey in the Rock and others. To view a trailer, click here.

The conditions the climbers faced, on one of most treacherous mountains in the world, were among the worst in decades. Determined to beat the odds, these women demonstrated strength and courage in the face of life-threatening challenges--an inspiration to all. Climb against the Odds has had a huge impact in raising awareness about breast cancer.

Finding the Words

Finding the Words, from Horn Productions, is a film following the stories of eight children in their struggle to recover from autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism, historically defined as a neurological condition that impairs communication and socialization skills in varying degrees of severity, is stealing away children in frightening numbers. An estimated 1 in 150 children are being diagnosed with this serious medical condition that the American Academy of Pediatrics now considers "epidemic”.

In Finding the Words, we watch parents of children once considered hopeless describe the amazing journeys they've taken to bring their sons and daughters back - fighting the prevailing view of autism as a disorder that is "incurable and untreatable”; battling the effects of what they describe as a "complex, multifactorial illness”. Most importantly, many thousands of these children are winning this war. To view a trailer, click here.


Our current industrial method of food production is increasingly viewed as an unsustainable system, destructive to the environment and public health. But what is the alternative?

Fresh, a film by Ana Sofia Joanes, profiles the farmers, thinkers, and business people across the nation who are at the forefront of re-inventing food production in America. With a strong commitment to sustainability, they are changing how farms are run, how the land is cared for, and how food is distributed. 

Fresh opens with a short summary of the problems and consequences of industrialized food production, then focuses primarily on the individuals who are creating new approaches to address environmental, health, and economic challenges throughout the food chain. To view a trailer, click here.

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