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"Lobitos Creek Ranch is the soul of independent documentary production in Northern California, with a business model that has proven invaluable to cause-based filmmakers worldwide. Their unique combination of development, production and distribution expertise, along with the most advanced post-production facilities, makes "The Ranch" the single source for taking a project from an idea to a finished film, then bringing that film out to the world strategically so that producers can move the mountains they want to move with their projects."

-Elizabeth Horn, Producer/Director, In Our Own Hands, a documentary about the Quantified Self Movement

"Making movies comes naturally at the Ranch. I've worked on Oil on Ice and Power Paths there and have two films currently: Walking in Two Worlds and Accidental Activists--it's a director's dream setting for production or editing.

And you can ride the horses!"

Bo Boudart, Producer, Bo Boudart Productions

"We have had a standing relationship with the Ranch and Steve Michelson for many years. Steve has been extremely helpful with the extended vision on our DVD Hetch Hetchy, seeing the work as a piece of the larger picture with the activist toolkit. Restore Hetch Hetchy has recut the film to support the restoration of Hetch Hetchy.

Whereas, getting a film to PBS used to be the end goal, the TV show itself is now just the marquee, the billboard, the start of further work. The DVD has become a tool. From the DVD itself, you can send an email to the governor, make a hotel reservation; everything to do with Hetch Hetchy is at your fingertips. It was a finalist for Best Interactive project at Jackson Hole.

We have known Steve for a very long time. We stayed at the Ranch, had a lovely dinner with family. It was very warm and welcoming. David and Steve have shared panel discussions on toolkits in Missoula on Hetch Hetchy and its online links. The Grand Tetons has an Interface with its toolkit as well, with links to the foundation, hotel reservations, directly to the web. Backcountry Pictures has a developing relationship with the educational portion of Video Project."

Sally Kaplan, co-producer with David Vassar for Backcountry Pictures and California Forever

Working with Steve Michelson at Lobitos Creek Ranch, I found that Steve combines superb technical knowledge of all aspects of film production with business acumen and wisdom about collaborative relationships between filmmakers. Steve has been the Executive Producer of several documentaries I have worked on, including River of Renewal.

-Stephen Most, Producer/Writer, River of Renewal

"Lobitos Creek is an impossibility: tranquil and productive, beautiful and inexpensive. The setting is idyllic, the people are fantastic, the food is yummy. And you're just away from it all, that's the best part. I'll never do my online work anywhere else."

-Thea Mercouffer, Director/Co-Producer, Rock the Boat

"Lobitos Creek Ranch was crucial to the making of Oil on Ice. Nearly ten years after the film was made, the Gwich'in Indians are still using it as a tool in their campaign to save the Arctic and get people activated. The Ranch is a beautiful place, but it's the people that have me coming back there... Steve Michelson is a vastly experienced producer, he's a great person, and anyone who goes to Lobitos Creek Ranch gets the benefit of that. Plus, I can phone in my cappuccino order."

Dale Djerassi, Producer/Director, President of Djerassi Films

"Steve Michelson and Lobitos Creek Ranch create and deliver quality, and that applies to both the creative and the technical. I met Steve in the freshman dorms at Penn in 1967 and we've been friends ever since. He was the first person I ever met who was from California, and I wanted to live there one day. We've done a number of great projects together over the years, and I love working with him."

-Arnold Holland, Lightyear Entertainment

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